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With several years of extensive specialization in international economic law and legal engineering, we offer a progressive view of and a purposeful perspective for your company.

We value interactions with individuals and responses to change.

Our team looks at you and your strategy individually and holistically. We remain practice-oriented and agilely aim for constant implementation of new factual and legal situations of your company, while always keeping your fundamental concept in mind.

Rechtsanwalt Dennis Tatari

All-in-one legal platforms empowering people and businesses through revolutionary tools.


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and continuing the pioneering work in the legal industry.


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by using smart legal tools to handle business matters.



where clients have already achieved better protection of their receivables through us.

The Core Team

with passion for the democratization and harmonization of law

Dennis Tatari
Dennis Tatari Attorney-at-Law and Managing Director
Dennis is a legal counsel for Fortune 500 companies and an experienced lawyer for international economic law
including legal matters in trade, corporate, compliance, taxation, foreign trade, export control, customs, litigation. With his skills, he enhances the legal capabilities of international companies.
Daniel Urso
Daniel Urso Solution Architect and Legal Engineer
Daniel is a Legal Engineer for process and document automation, preparing complex legal documents to be mapped, interconnected, and automated. He is at the forefront of technological applications in the legal world, working with Generative AI to drive next-level automation.
Gloria Tatari
Gloria Tatari Assistant to the Management and Paralegal
As a skilled assistant and paralegal, Gloria efficiently handles administrative tasks with precision. Her organizing abilities ensure accurate business analytics with a proactive approach. She is a solution finder with exceptional support, making her a valuable asset.

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