International Business
Made With Ease

International Business
Made With Ease

Master your global legal challenges
with our law firm and its technology-driven legal solutions

Master your global legal challenges with our law firm and its technology-driven legal solutions

Preventive and remedial advice, smart contracts, protection of commercial rights
and enforcement of claims abroad

Preventive and remedial advice, smart contracts, protection of commercial rights and enforcement of claims abroad

Trusted by successful cross-border companies
Pensum Nyrt.

Consultation to implementation or how to scale your company

You need a legally effective framework for your company’s international operations.
We take the necessary steps with you to take your company to the next level.

International Trade

Increase your sales with internationally effective contracts and financing, avoid contentless terms and secure your receivables by using know-how of the international landscape.

International Compliance

Ensure your organization adheres to global regulations, fostering transparency, ethical practices, and responsible business conduct worldwide.

International Corporation

Get your company legally recognized abroad and make it mobile for the long term, unlike many others. From branch and subsidiary registrations to international transformations.

International IP Protection

Safeguard your intellectual property across borders, ensuring your innovations and creations are secured worldwide, e.g. when entering into new business relationships.

International Taxation

Be clear about the tax situation of your company in international business and optimize your set-up to achieve more profit after tax. We support you in international tax audits.

International Litigation

We accompany you in cross-border disputes, navigating you through the complex legal framework, and advocating for your interests on a global scale.

Small / Medium Enterprises

You are not just the backbone of the economy – you are the very foundation that sustains it. Your unwavering commitment towards driving innovation, job creation, and economic growth makes you an integral force towards the attainment of sustainable development. By being legally proactive, you have the ability to play a crucial role in shaping the future of you and generations to come.


When starting a business, it’s important to have a strong foundation to ensure success in the long run. Invest the time and effort in setting up your legal form and partnership agreements correctly from day one. By doing so, you’ll not only save valuable time in the future, but you’ll also establish a solid framework that will help guide your business decisions and operations as you grow.

Digital Nomads

As a location independent entrepreneur, you already know that the legal landscape can be challenging. With many gray areas, it can be difficult to know whether you are operating within the parameters of the law. By setting up a comprehensive framework for ensuring that your business practices are legal and ethical, you can take your entrepreneurial passion to new heights.

Boost your transactions with fast and effective legal protection

Managing Director duties – Shareholder dispute – Credit and risk assessment – Foreign trade compliance – Contract enforcement – Customs declaration – Receivables securitization – Contract management


and more*

Lengthy and costly legal services saved

We optimize manual legal services for you for a range of international transactions with our innovations in legal technology and self-service tools, from closing an agreement to the execution of your terms and management of your legal matters.

*Compared to your legal expenses prior to using our legal tools.


and more**

Increased productivity of your personnel

As an international law firm for companies, we remain at your side to advise you, whether for hands-on legal consulting or in the development or use of legal tools. We guide you on your journey towards a competitive advantage that is legally sound.

**Compared to selected legal matters processed by clients without our legal tools.

Improved Risk Mitigation and Management

Perform risk assessments (KYC), be compliant with foreign trade controls and other regulatory requirements, protect your intellectual property, and let us ensure import and export compliance with customs – tailored for international businesses.

A new way to approach legal services

With productized legal services, you receive highly professional legal services as a product – no less legally sound, but always, everywhere and immediately available in self-service.

Draft and Execute Agreements

Your new smart contracts can be created and executed without your own legal knowledge. All you need is your commercial expertise. We have your back with the legal aspects.

Manage Transactions

With your dashboard, you keep track of your international transactions and the important data to make the right decisions for the business.

Optimize Your Business

You have successfully increased growth and mitigated legal risks through digitized and low-cost contracting at a law firm’s level.

Application Backend

Safe and Secured

We are a law corporation regulated under German law and supervised by a German Bar Association.

Trust And Confidence First

Your data and your matters are subject to our legal duty of confidentiality. You can always consult us on sensitive issues.

Change Management

Law is constantly changing. To ensure that you are on the safe side in every transaction, we work behind the scenes to provide you with the legally up-to-date scope of actions for your matters.

Independence As Your Benefit

As an independent agent of the administration of justice, we always work in your interest and without outside influence.

What they say about us

How others enable their business with our services and increase their growth:

“ is like a legal protection for all companies that are willing to grow internationally together with their business. We are impressed about the extensively thought-out and practical advice that has secured many of our business relationships.”

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