International Business Made With Ease

Process your international trade transactions legally compliant and
effortless with data-driven automations.

Self-executing contracts for world-class companies
Pensum Nyrt.

Manual Legal Services Saved

For the international sale or purchase of goods, you no longer need manual legal advice beyond our application, from reaching an agreement to automated execution of your terms.


Reduced Cost of Contracting

Perform risk scoring (KYC), be compliant with foreign trade control, agree on the contents of your contract, send it for signature and have the goods declared to customs.

Improved Risk Mitigation and Management

Govern your business relationships comprehensively, unambiguously and ready for all levels of escalation so that you are not left behind on your receivables – from a single source in an instant.


Boost your sales with integrated and automated legal protection

Credit / Risk Scoring – Foreign Trade Compliance – Contract Approvals – Customs Declarations – Trade Credit Insurance – Contract Management

A new way to approach legal services

With productized legal services, you receive highly professional legal services as a product – no less legally sound and always, everywhere and immediately available in self-service.

Draft and Execute Agreements

Your new smart contracts can be created and executed without your own legal knowledge. We have your back with the legal stuff.

Manage Transactions

With your dashboard, you keep track of your international transactions and the important data to make the right decisions for the business.

Optimize Your Business

You have successfully increased growth and mitigated legal risks through digitized and low-cost contracting at a lawyer’s level.

Application Backend

Safe and Secured

We are a law corporation regulated under German law and supervised by a German Bar Association.

Trust And Confidence First

Your data and your matters are subject to our legal duty of confidentiality. You can always consult us on sensitive issues.

Change Management

Law is constantly changing. To ensure that you are on the safe side in every transaction, we work behind the scenes to provide you with the legally up-to-date scope of actions for your agreements.

Independence As Your Benefit

As an independent agent of the administration of justice, we always work in our clients’ interest and without outside influence.

What they say about our product

How others enable their business with our services and increase their growth:


More Business Relationships Secured

“ is like a legal protection for all business owners who are willing to grow internationally together with their company. I was impressed about the extensively thought-out and practical advice that has secured many of our business relationships.”

Travel Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the product is developed by lawyers and legal experts and is constantly reviewed and updated for validity and effectiveness. Each step of yours in the application is embedded in following legally correct results or scope of actions.

No. Our application is intentionally designed in such a way that everyone can open up access to the law for themselves. The application always leads you to the next legally correct step through intelligent interconnections. The questions do not contain any unintelligible legal jargon.

How can an entire international transaction be processed with the product?

As you are guided through your agreement, at various points you opt for certain actions to complete the transaction. For example, when you start and input your contract partner, you can first have an identity and credit check performed before deciding how you want to contract with that partner and what additional collateral you want to add. At the end of the application, for example, you can decide to have the goods automatically declared to customs after they have been fully signed. With our fully automated solutions, such functions are available and can be executed with a single click.

Why is the Management Dashboard so beneficial?

In your management dashboard you can get a lot of valuable information from all your agreements at a glance. You can make decisions based on the total volume of all transactions for a customer, check the signing status or even check the credit risk as the relationship evolves.

How does an approval process work?

Before you have the agreement sent automatically for legally binding signature, you can have your inputs and selections reviewed internally or submit them to your contract partner for negotiation. Both is done with a click. The other person receives a notification and can send the contract back to you after reviewing it or send it for signing.

Is the product also useful for law firms or lawyers?

Most certainly! Law firms and lawyers can expand their area of practice by using the application to handle their clients’ international business needs. If the demand is one-time or occasional, just contact us for individual offers.

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